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10 things we love about techno

10 things we love about techno

Techno is a family thing


1. The people

Techno is the music that connects. All people on the floor share the feeling of love, connection and peace. Celebration connects. Techno connects. Finally normal people…


2. The atmosphere

Techno stands for tolerance, respect and fun for everyone. Nobody is excluded here. At every party you meet people who are at least as crazy as we are. 


3. After hours

A good techno party doesn't end when the club closes. Tech lovers always find refuge in some after hours. Be it with friends, under a bridge or in the next club. In techno, an encore lasts not only 5 minutes, but mostly 5 hours. Mostly just until the next party.


4. DJs

We love techno DJs who celebrate their music and not themselves. DJs who don't take themselves too seriously and love the music as much as we do. DJs we love.

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5. The volume

Loud, louder, techno. It just can't be loud enough for us in a club, at a festival or at a rave. It has to pop in the ears and the bass should massage our whole body. At this volume, nobody has a chance to stand still.

PS: watch your ears.


6. The darkness

We love open airs and after-hours in light. But really heavy techno just works best in total darkness. That is why most of the techno temples such as Berghain, Tanzhaus West or Robert Johnson are pitch dark. At least, most of the time. Techno takes long nights and darkness.


7. Never-ending techno nights

Every raver's motto: Techno all night long. We just love to party a little longer than other types of music. If you take off at a techno party before 6 a.m., you will meet astonished looks from many. For those who like it longer, there is still the after-hour.


8. Friends / family

Techno is a family thing. While the beat is playing you are free and surrounded by friends and family who all share the same outlook on life. At raves you always meet new friends who know how to dance through the night in ecstasy.


9. A way of life

Techno is a way of life for all of us. More than that. Our refuge from worries, our distant friend and our antidepressant.


10. The sounds

Techno is love down to the smallest detail. Celebrating a melody, a single note. Pure poetry. Free of texts that are supposed to steer thinking in certain directions. You can dream and forget everything around you.



What do you love about techno? Write us a comment!

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