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11 things that make a techno party or a rave unforgettable

11 things that make a techno party or a rave unforgettable

Over the years we have found that certain things should not be missing at techno festivals or rave parties. Techno, friends, dancing and a rave? What could be better. In order to turn a normal techno party into an epic celebration weekend, we have put together our selection for you:


1. Techno t-shirts

Techno t-shirts for women and men

A techno t-shirt is a must at a rave, festival or club. Show your personal favorite statement on the dance floor and create your style with this techno basic. With the right rave motif or techno slogan on the shirt you will attract envious looks at the party.

Click here for the techno t-shirts for Women and Men.


2. Rave sweater

Rave and techno sweaters

A casual techno sweater should not only look good, it should also be comfortable. So that you don't have to stand in the cold at a rave, it belongs to the basic range as well as a techno T-shirt. 

Click here for the sweaters for Women and Men.


3. Techno jackets

Techno jacket women

Techno jackets are the ideal companion for partying if you don't know what the weather is like. With the right windbreaker, denim jacket or rain jacket, you no longer have to worry about your techno outfit the next time you celebrate. They look stylish and can be stowed in your gym bag.

Here you can find our selection of techno jackets for Women and Men.


4. Festival hoodies

Techno hoodies

Hoodies are all the rage and with the right techno message in print, the dance floor is yours. They are comfortable to wear and ideal for the slightly cool autumn evening weather.

This way to the techno hoodies for Women and Men.


5. Techno pants

Techno pants for men

With short techno pants you can show your love for techno at summer festivals. The trousers should be comfortable and have enough space in the trouser pockets for important little things.

This way to the techno pants for Women and Men.


6. Techno tops / tank tops

Techno tops for women

With a fashionably cut crop top for women or a tank top for men you have the ideal basic piece for warm techno festivals. But they are also an ideal basic item in clubs or at indoor festivals. They can be combined well with a denim jacket around the stomach or with a windbreaker on.

Here it goes to the Techno tops for women.

Here it goes to the Techno tank tops for men.


7. Techno, Rave & Festival Stickers

Techno, rave and festival stickers

With stickers you not only make yourself happy, but also your techno friends. Tag your city, stick your favorite techno club full or make a statement at your favorite places. But watch out ... they're gone faster than you can see.

You can find our techno and rave stickers here.


8. Rave beanies

Rave beanies

Even when it's cold outside, the techno nights will be yours. The Rave Beanies with the classic, turned-up cap collar guarantee you an optimal fit even when partying and keep your ears warm.

You can find our popular rave beanies here.


9. Techno socks

Rave socks

Rave socks complete your techno outfit and are the perfect companion at your next rave or festival. You'll never miss a beat while dancing. Techno socks are the perfect match for sneakers, preferably with shorts or sweat pants. 

Click here for the techno socks for Women and Men.


10. Rave bandanas

Rave and Techno Bandanas are multifunctional scarves and can be worn and combined in a wide variety of ways. Classically as a headscarf or as a mask in front of the mouth, wrapped around the wrist and loosely tied around the neck. The cloth is the practical companion at festivals or in the foggy techno club.

You can find rave and techno bandanas here.


11. Techno gym bag / jute bag

Techno and first of all a night over it gym bags

Rave and techno bags are the ideal companion for raves, festivals or techno parties. All necessary utensils can be stowed in them without any problems so that carrying them is no longer an annoyance. You have the choice between practical gym bags that make you forget your luggage when celebrating or jute and shoulder bags that are also eye-catching in everyday life. 

You can find our gymnastics and jute bags here.



In your opinion, what should definitely not be missing at a rave or techno festival? Write us a comment!

Fabi from RAVE Clothing.

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