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Top 10: Popular accessories for ravers

Top 10: Popular accessories for ravers

Accessories for techno ravers

With the right ones Techno accessories if you are the eye-catcher at a festival, provide stylish Deco or Posters for making you the perfect host of your own After hours Raves are. You can also give your friends a treat, pimp your outfit or make new friends. With the right ones Sticker sets do you make new friends at every party - but watch out, they're sold out faster than you can see.


After-hour doormat 36,90 €

After-hour doormat

Sticker sets from € 4,00

Techno sticker sets

Rave All Night Sleep Mask 13,90 €

Techno sleep mask

Techno bandana masks 9,90 €

Techno bandana

RAVE socks in white 18,90 €

Rave socks

Techno poster from € 9,90

Techno & Rave Poster

RAVE Essentials shoulder bag 21,90 €

RAVE shoulder bag

Techno sticker subscription 9,90 €

Techno sticker subscription

pillowcases from € 12,90

Techno pillowcase

Bags from € 7,90

Rave jute bags, gym bags and bags

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