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Frequently asked questions

How and where do I register?
The registration is absolutely unproblematic. Please read our conditions of participation first. If you agree to the terms and conditions, register for free at

How is my remuneration calculated?
You get a commission of 5% per sale for every order you generate. Depending on the number of sales, the commission can increase up to 12%. Valid for all product groups.

What are the advantages of participating?
Participation in the affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop guarantees you an additional income without the risk of investments. In addition, you increase the attractiveness and the range of services of your website and you benefit from the trust that is placed in. In addition, there is no additional administrative effort for you, as takes over all business transactions for the orders generated via your links.

Is the RAVE Clothing online shop's affiliate program free?
Yes, participation in the affiliate program is absolutely free. We do not charge a participation fee, nor are there any sales targets or similar performance limits that have to be achieved.

How does the affiliate program work?
You advertise the RAVE Clothing online shop on your website. If a visitor to your website comes to by clicking on a RAVE Clothing advertising material and places an order there, then you can easily earn money with your website. Because for every order generated through them, you will receive a commission. That means: the only thing you have to do is to optimally place the RAVE Clothing advertising material on your website. Then you can sit back and look forward to your easily earned commission.

Can I participate in the affiliate program as a private person?
Yes, if you have your own website or are the sender of a newsletter, you can participate in our affiliate program. In addition, you must complete the points listed above in order to participate in Affiliate program fulfill.

Can I choose my advertising material myself?
You can choose from a variety of different RAVE Clothing advertising materials. However, when making your selection you should take into account that the advertising material addresses the visitors to your website. Because this aspect is very crucial for your success! You will find a selection of advertising material here.

Can I am without a website on Affiliate program take part?
Yes, if you are a sender of a newsletter in which you would like to integrate our banners. Otherwise, your own website is the basic requirement for participating in the Affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop.

Do I have to take care of the customers who buy from my website in the RAVE Clothing online shop?
No. All business transactions are handled by the RAVE Clothing online shop. For you there are neither additional administrative costs nor legal obligations towards the customers who shop at

What basic requirements do I have to meet in order to be able to work on Affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop?
Any operator of a private or commercial website aimed at the German-speaking audience can participate. However, the operator must be at least 18 years old, have full legal capacity and have an account in Germany. Companies that are on Affiliate program are taxable and must provide their tax number when registering.

Am I liable for income tax?
Yes, you are generally subject to income tax on the income you generate as a partner of the RAVE Clothing online shop. Income is your income (remuneration from the RAVE Clothing online shop) minus your expenses (e.g. postage, internet costs). The income represents income from business operations and must be declared in your income tax return in the GSE annex. If you are a corporation (e.g. GmbH, AG), your income is subject to corporation tax.

Which websites can Affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop?
As a rule, anyone with their own website can join our Affiliate program take part. The better your website fits our range, the greater the success you will achieve with our partnership. However, we are not obliged to accept your registration. We reserve the right, after a thorough check of the registration, to refuse your participation if the content of your website does not represent a suitable environment for the RAVE Clothing online shop.

Application restrictions:
No erotic, political, violence-glorifying or prohibited content
No banner pages or sites with a click request or mandatory click (e.g. sending SMS, donation clicks, paid-for-action pages, etc.)
No competition pages
No banner wastes and listless paid link collections
No pages that do not match the content of the RAVE Clothing online shop or are of poor quality

Who is on Affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop involved?
Am Affiliate program of the RAVE Clothing online shop, partners, operators, end customers and affiliate networks are involved. Partners are natural and legal persons who provide companies with a space on their website (hereinafter referred to as "advertising space") to market goods and services of all kinds. (You for example). Operators are those companies that market and sell their goods and services using advertising materials (banners, links, etc.) (in this case End customers are natural or legal persons who buy goods and services of all kinds on the Internet.

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