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Terms and Conditions

Affiliate program

§ 1 contract
1) The subject of this contract is participation in the partner program of the RAVE Clothing online shop (RAVE Clothing, Marcel Habermehl, Kleinbachstr. 3, 35510 Butzbach) - hereinafter referred to as The partner program enables the placement of electronic RAVE Clothing advertising material, e.g. B. Banner on one of the partner's online advertising media.

2) The partner receives a commission of 5% for each successfully generated order. Exceptions see § 6.

3) The following conditions apply to participation in the partner program

§ 2 advertising media and online advertising media
1) An advertising medium enables a link between the partner's online advertising medium and by means of an HTML hyperlink, via which visitors to the partner site can reach

2) The formats and the design of the advertising material are defined solely by The integration into the online advertising medium is the responsibility of the partner.

3) The partner's online advertising medium is a website, newsletter, social media or blog.

§ 3 Application for participation in the partner program and approval of the partners
1) Partners apply by submitting a complete application online via an affiliate network

2) reserves the right to refuse registrations if the content of the partner website does not correspond to the target tracking.

3) The contract comes into force as soon as has approved the application of the partner and has informed him of this by email.

4) The applicant affirms that he is at least 18 years old, has full legal capacity and has a bank account in Germany.

5) If the partner operates several websites (domains) and would like to participate in the partner program with them, the partner is obliged to register for each website individually. If he uses the same password for all websites, the successes of the participating websites are shown in a single statistic

§ 4 Obligations of the partner
1) The partner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of its website as well as for all content and up-to-dateness. The partner guarantees not to provide any content that violates common decency and applicable laws. This includes in particular the representation of violence, sexually suggestive images as well as discriminatory, insulting or defamatory statements regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

2) The partner guarantees that the content of its website does not infringe any third party rights. This applies in particular to patents, copyrights, trademarks and other industrial property rights.

3) The partner is responsible for the proper integration of the RAVE Clothing advertising material. The HTML source text provided by may not be changed by the partner, so that smooth billing is guaranteed.

4) The partner undertakes, insofar as third party claims arise from the operation of his website, to indemnify from any claims and defense costs. In addition, the partner is obliged to support in defending against such claims by providing explanations and information.

5) The partner is prohibited from setting up a website that creates a risk of confusion with the website of The partner may only use the advertising material on his website that was made available to him by via the partner network.

6) The partner undertakes to remove advertising material from his website immediately if he is advised of this by

7) The partner is prohibited from passing on commissions or discounts that are paid to him through the partner program - in whole or in part - to third parties / end customers without a written agreement with

8) Violations of these obligations lead to an immediate exclusion from the partner program.

9) With reference to the general terms and conditions of the networks, we refer to the fact that e-mails / newsletters may only be sent to interested parties if they have expressly consented to sending them beforehand.

§ 5 services from
1) In the protected area of ​​the affiliate networks, the partners have access to an individual link and the associated advertising material, which they integrate into their websites.

2) The affiliate networks log the services achieved via the RAVE Clothing advertising material and regularly provide the partner with current statistics on all his services in the protected area. pays the generated reimbursements for advertising costs. The form, scope and frequency of the statistics can be changed at any time by an affiliate network.

3) is responsible for the entire processing of the mediated order and reserves the right to reject orders that do not comply with the guidelines (e.g. negative credit checks, address checks).

4) A legal relationship arises between the customers mediated by the partner and, for which only the general terms and conditions of RAVE Clothing (Marcel Habermehl, Kleinbachstr. 3, 35510 Butzbach) apply.

§ 6 Commissions
1) Entitlement to a commission arises when the partner has brokered a successful business transaction. A successful transaction occurs when an online buyer has placed an order with and it is delivered within Germany. The partner receives a standard fee of 5%. The partners will be informed by email about the special promotions set by

An order is deemed to have been successfully placed when the following requirements are met:

- A successful business transaction was concluded due to the advertising space provided by the partners at

- The deal has been successfully logged by

- The end customer accepts the delivery of the goods at the shipping destination, makes the payment in full and the cancellation period of 14 days has expired.

The order or order value does not include: zero value orders (catalog requests) or vouchers. Furthermore: The shipping costs paid by the customer, the reported VAT and all optional service fees such as B. Surcharges for 24-hour delivery, extension of the guarantee, etc.

All successful orders are taken into account that have arisen because a visitor to a partner site has ordered products directly from via a RAVE Clothing advertising medium, as well as all orders that this visitor placed within 30 days of the first visit to rave triggers if his browser settings accept cookies, he can be identified by this cookie from and the cookie is not overwritten by that of another cooperation partner within the period.

- The partner receives a commission for every successfully placed order

A right to reimbursement of expenses and costs in connection with the partner's advertising activities is excluded. - All successful orders are credited to the partner and billed on the last day of the month. Payment is made by bank transfer or voucher card to the payment details provided by the partner, provided that the minimum payment amount of 25 euros per month has been reached.

If the payout amount of 25 euros is not reached at the end of a month, the credit will be carried over to the following month. RAVE Clothing reserves the right to withhold premiums below this limit until the minimum amount is exceeded in a following month. The premiums not paid out are not subject to interest. Retained premiums will be paid out after termination of the contractual relationship if they exceed the payout amount of 25 euros.

If a partner is subject to sales tax within the meaning of German law, the partner undertakes to inform of its sales tax identification number when registering. The payment of the advertising cost reimbursement takes place plus sales tax. The partner is solely responsible for the proper taxation of income and the payment of social security contributions. For any additional claims by a public authority that result from incorrect information from the partner, collects reclaims from the partner.

§ 7 Licenses
1) The partners receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the advertising material mentioned in §2, but only within the framework of this partner contract and the agreements stipulated therein. The licensed advertising material may not be changed by the partner.

2) grants itself the right to withdraw the license granted at any time by written notification by email without giving a reason. The license agreements end with the termination of this contract.

§ 8 Independence of the contractual partners and the partner are independent parties and operate their websites independently of one another. This contract does not establish a joint company or community, or an employment relationship or a commercial agency agreement. Neither the partner nor is entitled to appear in the name of the other partner and / or to make declarations in his name.

§ 9 contract duration and termination
1) This contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by both and the partner at any time by email without observing a notice period.

2) After termination of this agreement, the partner is obliged to remove all advertising material and links to from its website.

3) The partner is only entitled to commission during the term of the contract.

§ 10 Changes to this Agreement
1) has the right to change this agreement at any time. The partners are informed via
E-mail informed.

2) The partner can object to the change within 30 days. If no objection is received by within this period, the changes are deemed to have been accepted by the partner and become part of the contract.

3) This does not affect the partner's right to properly terminate the contract due to the change.


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